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Open for you 24/7  with more and more pictures added continually.

We started with RF-pictures in size 640 pixel (long edge). "RF" means for us: "you may use these pictures for (almost) anything you like. Read about the details in our RoyaltyFree-Lizenzvertrag (currently in German only), but main content is Rights-Managed pictures.

Licence-Fees (single use, non-exclusive user license) are graded to picture size, i.e.  XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, GL, GGL.  The size steps correspond roughly to the DIN-Formats, printable with 300 dpi, A list of download-sizes and corresponding print formats is available at our page size-chart. Size XXXS and XXS  may also be a good size for use in Web-Designs.

For other sizes, enquiries on a paricular use/project,  or other topics, please use our contact page.

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